Short vowel writing activities

Small Groups Warm up First, you need to warm up. Then, have them take turns reading it to their partner at the table. In our 6 identifying vowel worksheetsstudents are given a page full of letters and are asked to circle the letters that are vowels.

Vowels Worksheets

These come in a small pack with just the short vowels or in a big bundle with all the first grade phonics sounds and blends for the year. Okay, okay, let's do a craft. That set includes the leveled roll and read activities you see above for the following word families: I love these dice, too, because they produce a real short a word most of the time.

THEN, the fun begins So there's the center that practices all 6 families -an, -ag, -at, -am, -ap, and -ad at a time: They come in 3 varieties: Or you can just do that one with your students for an easier activity or for the sake of time.

For example, for these "Write the Word" worksheets, you could give your on level kids the sheet on the left and your higher kids the sheet on the right. Okay, okay, so I'm SO super excited to debut this one.

I call that activity "Find and Write" - super easy. All missing vowels are making a short vowel sound. If you want to make the center a little more challenging, you can easily just snip the words off the bottom to make them picture-only cards for students to figure out how to spell.

After they circle and sort, they can try to read their sentences. If they have trouble reading a word, the picture can give them clues so that makes it helpful. You can also use it as an example one and then throw it in the library later. AND it's a growing bundle which means I still am adding more short vowels things to it as I create them and raising the price accordingly so the sooner you get it, the more you save.

Students start at the shaded box and read the short A words to go through the maze to figure out the sentence that matches the picture. Make sure you have a don't-go-after-a-card-someone-else-is and we-don't-grab-out-of-others'-hands talk before you play, of course, because it's Friday and they're 6.

You may remember I also made numbers puzzles in my number sense blog post that people really seemed to love so this is a lot like that: The workbooks contain both instruction and exercises and can be downloaded and printed.

So one puzzle idea I like as an easy activity for fast finishers is flipping a real puzzle upside down and writing the words on the back.

Speaking of the writing center, here's my little writing center. Students put a paperclip on the spinner, put their pencil in the middle, and flick it to land on the word family to add to the next letter. They always put the dice in the same color order - and there is a directions sheet for each center if they forget.

Then, once they're getting that down, give them the sheet with black only text. Can we just talk about my pocket chart for a second though?. You can also put them around the room and have students find them and write them on a piece of paper.

Then, there's 1 that practices -at and -am word families only: Or sorting pictures by word family: They do this for each picture until they spell the secret CVC word. It is a ton of reading practice and kids LOVE it. Another thing I like to do with the picture cards that kiddos love is building the words with magnet letters.

Just get a puzzle at the dollar store, flip it over, and voila. Put them in a pocket chart and have students build the words with the letter cards that are also included in the pack.

Thank you so much for your time!. The fun, engaging, and interactive mega bundle of Short vowel CVC Word families includes worksheets, review, writing mats, puzzles, write the room, secret code, sorting activities, and much more, AND is perfect for literacy center, word work, and independent practice/ the preview to vi.

FREE Short Vowel Activity Pages {for CVC Words} September 4, coloring, and writing their CVC short vowel words! In this FREE pack, you’ll find one page for each of the short vowel sounds. Want more CVC Activity Pages?

In this pack, {with LOTS of CVC activities and games} Low-Prep Short Vowel Games.

Writing Short Vowels

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Snow Showers Short Vowel Sorting. FREE Short Vowel Word Building Pack {13 Days of Learning Printables}. Writing with Kids; Free Printables; This Reading Mama.

Writing Short Vowels

Short Vowel Printables. Sounding Out Short Vowel Words {CVC Unfold and Blend} Short Vowel Sounds Wall Charts {Free Resource} Join thousands of other subscribers to get hands-on activities and printables delivered right to your inbox! In these phonics worksheets students write in the missing vowel for the pictured word.

All vowels are making a short vowel sound. These worksheets reinforce the connection between the printed letter and the sound they make, in the context of familiar words.

Writing. Reading. Math. Short Vowel Activities February 18, I find by the time my students make it to my first grade classroom it is the medial short vowel that is still tricking them. I want my students to be able to hear the difference between the medial vowels as well as read CVC words with different short vowels.

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Short vowel writing activities
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