The mystery of love in the short story about love by anton chekhov

He innocently loves his friend's wife in a true and spiritual manner.

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She would go away with me, but where. If I did not come to the town I must be ill or something must have happened to me, and both of them were extremely anxious.

But why talk of it. If there were no one at home I stayed and waited, talked to the nurse, played with the child, or lay on the sofa in the study and read; and when Anna Alexyevna came back I met her in the hall, took all her parcels from her, and for some reason I carried those parcels every time with as much love, with as much solemnity, as a boy.

You both know him: She fancied she was not young enough for me, that she was not industrious nor energetic enough to begin a new life, and she often talked to her husband of the importance of my marrying a girl of intelligence and merit who would be a capable housewife and a help to me -- and she would immediately add that it would be difficult to find such a girl in the whole town.

About Love by Anton Chekhov: Analysis

Do you agree with Alyohin's assumption. And grown-ups and children alike felt that a noble being was walking about their rooms, and that gave a peculiar charm to their manner towards me, as though in my presence their life, too, was purer and more beautiful.

When his eyes reached the middle of the long list of signatures, he started, gave an ejaculation of astonishment and snapped his fingers, while his face expressed the utmost perplexity.

Compare the two love affairs described in the story. When she had said good-bye to her husband and her children and there was only a minute left before the third bell, I ran into her compartment to put a basket, which she had almost forgotten, on the rack, and I had to say good-bye.

Usually one begins to speak of the future, and the confidence and self-reliance with which one does so is beyond bounds. They also used to go to the theatre together. It is all a thing of the past; and now I should find it difficult to define what there was so exceptional in her, what it was in her attracted me so much; at the time, at dinner, it was all perfectly clear to me.

She sobs and hides herself. From some trifling details, from the way they made the coffee together, for instance, and from the way they understood each other at half a word, I could gather that they lived in harmony and comfort, and that they were glad of a visitor.

Reading Chekhov VI: “About Love”

So far only one incontestable truth has been uttered about love: See More Question Answers on below links: After sleeping in the sledge and dining in the kitchen, to sit in an arm-chair in clean linen, in thin boots, with a chain on one's waistcoat, is such luxury.

And it would happen that, after whispering in the same way at the window, he would come up to me, with red ears, and say: The first one describes the love between the two servants whereas the second one describes the love between the landowner and the official's wife. So, she tries to get emotional fulfillment from Alyohin which later turns into love.

My body ached, and I slept as I walked. About “About Love (Full Text)” “About Love” is the third and final story in Anton Chekhov ’s Little Trilogy, the only linked collection in his considerable catalogue of short stories. In the story 'About Love' Chekhov shows the contrast between the two love stories of Nikanor and Pelageya and Alyohin and Anna Alexeyevna.

The first one describes the love between the two servants whereas the second one describes the love between the landowner and the official's wife. The story becomes Alekhin’s anguished memoir of the secret and unspoken love he lost — of the married woman who left their town in agony for want of his intervention.

About Love by Anton Chekhov: Analysis

On the surface, at least, this is Chekhov’s case for the irrational but unconditional demands of. Russian writer Anton Chekhov's love stories are some of the most romantic ever written. Here's a look at his BEST works and why they are classics.

About Love by Anton Chekhov: Summary

In this short story, a Chekhov reveals his. “About Love” is a famous Russian story written by a famous story-writer, Anton Chekhov.

In the story, Chekhov presents the difference between three love stories and tries to prove that “Love” like that is not bound by conjugal relations. Chekhov ( – ) was the model doctor-writer, the “Uncle Vanya” and “Cherry Orchard” playwright and a man, it turns out, with a very active love life, a long and not particularly happy marriage, and a too-short career universally admired for its searching truthfulness in art and love, too.

The mystery of love in the short story about love by anton chekhov
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About Love by Anton Chekhov: Analysis